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High School


At Inverkeithing High School we are proud to say that we offer a wide variety of access to online learning through platforms such as: Show my Homework, Microsoft Teams and Glow.

 All pupils are given access codes to join the 'Teams' for the subjects you take. Work and resources will be posted in your Team and also on show my homework; where you can view your homework tasks and assignments.

 If you're unsure of your username and password you can contact the school directly or your guidance teacher and we will be able to help you to reset your passwords.


Show my Homework link:


Microsoft Teams:

Log in to Glow - Select Microsoft Office 365 tile - Select Microsoft Teams Tab.



(Didbook is where teachers, school leaders, parents and learning partners work together to support every student's learning and personal development journey. Targets grades and progress reports can be accessed here)


Check out the Digital Learning Whiteboard help guide using the link below: