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Welcome to the new H.Ec.Department Page! We belong to the Health and Well-being faculty which includes Home Economics and PE.


Home Economics is now a diverse and varied suite of subjects which prepares all learners to go on to make positive lifestyle choices and prepare the foundations for some pupils to go on to careers in health, food production, and hospitality, catering, childcare, teaching and many more.

It enables learners to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for making healthy lifestyle choices, reasoned decisions, whilst considering ethics, sustainability and the world around them.


Home Economics in Inverkeithing High School covers 5 separate subjects:

Health and Food Technology

Practical Cookery

Practical Cake Craft

Early Learning and Childcare

Childcare and Development



Mrs Donnelly - PTC

Mrs Donaldson PT Guidance Castle House

Miss Campbell

Mrs Newman - Auxiliary






Broad General Education S1-3

Aims Broad General Education (S1-S3)

To provide a sound basis of knowledge and skills which, will stimulate, build confidence and sustain interest and enjoyment in Food Technology.


During S1-3 courses pupils will learn about being safe in the kitchen, personal, kitchen and food hygiene, weighing and measuring of food ingredients and the use of the cooker. Pupils develop an understanding of the importance of healthy eating and current dietary advice. Factors affecting food choice, food miles, seasonality, advertising and labelling and packaging are a key feature of the S3 units. As pupils progress through the units practical skills and knowledge are embedded and throughout the course pupils undertake design and make activities using a variety of technology, enquiry skills and product design techniques.  Pupils learn through a variety of activities including discussion, individual and group work tasks. Practical cookery using fresh, healthy ingredients is crucial to our role in encouraging pupils to learn about the food they eat.


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The Senior Phase:

N4 to Advanced Higher Health and Food Technology

Course Outline:

Study of Health and Food Technology enables candidates to focus on the physical, chemical, nutritional, biological and sensory properties of food, and on ways in which these properties can be manipulated when manufacturers design and make food products. Some focus is also placed on food preparation for immediate consumption, where consumers’ cultural, social and nutritional needs and economic status are known.


Key Areas of Content are:


Skills Development:


N3, 4 and 5 Practical Cookery

 Course Outline:

These Courses aim to enable learners to:


Skills Development:

Pupils will develop the following skills:


Pupils will also develop the following skills for learning, life and work:

Numeracy  - Money, time and measurement

Employability, Enterprise and Citizenship  - Employability

Thinking Skills  - Remembering, Understanding, Applying


All pupils will be expected to provide a suitable container to take food home in.  The department will not provide containers.






N5 Practical Cake Craft

Course Outline:

The Course aims to enable learners to:

  • develop technical skills in cake baking
  • develop technical and creative skills in cake finishing
  • follow safe and hygienic working practices
  • develop their knowledge and understanding of cake design and follow trends in
  • cake production
  • acquire and use organisational skills in the context of managing time and resources


Pupils will learn through:

  • interpreting a design brief
  • carrying out a practical activity to meet the requirements of a design brief
  • skills in baking and finishing in the production of cakes and other baked items creatively applying finishing techniques to cakes and other baked items
  • working safely and hygienically
  • using specialist tools and equipment with dexterity and precision in routine and
  • familiar tasks
  • organisational and time management skills
  • the ability to evaluate both the product and the process
  • knowledge of trends in the production of cakes and other baked items


Pupils will also develop the following skills for learning, life and work:


Numeracy-  Money, time and measurement

Employability, Enterprise and Citizenship - Employability

Thinking Skills – Understanding, Analysing and evaluating, Creating



N4 and 5 Early Leaning and Childcare

Course Outline:

The aims of this Course are to:


allow candidates to develop communication skills by working in groups and with others in a variety of contexts


Skills Development:

This course will allow the candidate to demonstrate competency in knowledge, skills and attitudes required to be employed in the early education and childcare sector. These include knowledge and understanding of:


Attitudes such as:






Higher Childcare and Development

Course Outline:

If you are interested in a career in childcare, primary education, social care or many other occupations then this is the course for you. The aims of the course are to;

Develop awareness of current services for children and young people and the responsibilities of practitioners involved


Skills Development:

The learner will develop the following skills, knowledge and understanding:


investigate, analyse, evaluate and present information